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Best of the best, which buildings outperformed the rest?
Georgina Bishop


Property Manager Responsible for Largest Capital Growth in Brisbane for past 12 Months: 2014

In a study prepared by Place Advisor – Lachlan Walker,

20 Newstead Terrace, managed by Onsite Manager Georgina Bishop, achieved the top capital growth on resales in residential complexes in Brisbane for the twelve months to June 2014. Not only did this building achieve the top ranking, it outperformed its nearest competitor by another 1.5%.

20 Newstead Terrace comprises of 61 two and three bedroom apartments, including seven double storey terrace houses, which have been tightly held, in a well-established and immaculately maintained complex. Over the past twelve months there have been a number of apartments resold within this building with a resultant capital growth averaging 7%. The Apartments have been held on average for 8 years.

Georgina Bishop with over 10 years’ experience in professional property management has kept this property in peak condition, provided tireless and excellent service to the body corporate committee, residents and landlords, and it shows in the sales results and the rental returns achieved.

If you would like your property to be part of a top performing group of properties, and experience professional , efficient and personal management services, then give Georgina a call to discuss managing your property for you.

Assistant Manager

Introducing our long serving assistant Manager – Doogle. Doogle’s duties include leading prospective tenant inspections, duck patrol at the pool – although now the construction has been completed next door, ducks in the pool appear to be a thing of the past, and most importantly meet and greet. Doogle’s skill set also extends to babysitting – children, the office, his toys, other dog’s toys and general moral boosting in the complex, plus checking that the onsite manager is doing her job. Close supervision is guaranteed at all times.

Doogle has been known to drop in uninvited for Dinner, especially if you are having a party at the BBQ area. In recent years it is increasingly common to find Doogle asleep on the job! His tenure as Assistant Manager may open up soon to his young nephew Murphy whom sometimes helps out in the office on a Friday. If he pops in to see you, he is rather partial to a bit of Game of Thrones from the softest cushion on the couch. Just call the office when you want him to leave and he will be collected. Be warned, he does tend to hog the cushions, and he is exceptionally good at snuggling and cuddles.



By the way I enjoyed the last Newsletter. I do always enjoy reading them but it was good to read about your experience. Thank you for putting that in. I have always known we are in good hands and your experience and care shows through in all you do. Thank you

Donna Neilson

GEORGINA BISHOP makes Newstead Terraces the safe haven it is.

From the outset, she clearly articulates the high expectations of the Body Corporate, which ensures that the residents of the 61 units can cohabit harmoniously. She quickly and diplomatically deals with any issues as they arise.

As Onsite Manager, Georgina handles all administrative matters efficiently, from preparation of lease documents and rent receipting to keeping our community aware of happenings in the neighbourhood. She has excellent communication skills and residents look forward to her well –crafted, entertaining newsletters.

The common areas are immaculately maintained, with the pools, spa, sauna, gym, water features and barbecue area providing resort style facilities for those lucky enough to call Newstead Terraces home. The improvements currently being undertaken in the courtyard area with market umbrellas and large planter pots will be welcome in the summer months.

Georgina puts in a huge personal effort to ensure that the complex continues to be a desirable place to live. Every year she pressure cleans the entire garage area from ceiling to floor over a two day period. This is physically exhausting work which others might balk at, and outsource.

She can also be seen spreading bark under the heritage-listed mango tree, and blower-vacuuming the footpath. Cleaning is done on a daily basis, with regular mowing and pruning, and whatever else requires attention.

Georgina ensures that all compliance checks are carried out within appropriate timeframes, the annual fire drill is undertaken with precision, and regular unit inspections are done with a minimum of disruption to tenants. All maintenance issues are organised seamlessly.

Georgina is highly regarded by owner- occupiers, landlords and tenants and the Body Corporate. Her management style, and the wonderful environment it creates, have been major factors in my choosing to continue to live at Newstead Terraces

R Edmonds

As new Residents in Newstead Terraces around March 2013, we’d had no previous experience with On-Site Management at our previous (much smaller) apartment complex, and were unsure what to expect from this service. Meeting Georgina Bishop (initially via email and then in person as our Settlement day approached) gave us an insight into the significant benefits that can be obtained via access to an On-Site Manager – not only did Georgina provide us with detailed (yet easy to digest) information on the manner in which Newstead Terraces tends to function, but she also made the often stressful task of moving that little bit easier by providing in advance all of the necessary information on best times, methods etc. by which we could make our transition, and in a friendly, professional manner.

Since moving in, it has been a pleasure to get to know Georgina better, and she has responded to any & all issues that have arisen throughout our time here promptly and accurately. This can be demonstrated by a recent event in which another Unit was conducting significant renovations, which involved some plumbing work. As we were leaving the communal garage area in the morning, we noticed a significant amount of water seeping through the concrete slab into the parking area beneath the building from the Unit being renovated. As the owners were not on-site at the time, I had no option but to contact Georgina who responded immediately and was able to have the problem rectified before the water caused any lasting damage to any communal property. I consider this rapid action very important to the Newstead Terraces community to prevent unnecessary issues re. damage etc., and Georgina was on the spot and dealt with it immediately.

Georgina has the right blend of empathy, understanding and ‘firmness’ (when required) to handle a mix of Owner/Occupiers and Tenants – in a complex of 61 Units, there are most definitely some challenging personalities who do test the patience of not only Georgina, but other Residents, yet to date, Georgina has handled all situations that I’ve been aware of with aplomb and in a professional manner that is very much appreciated by my wife and myself as Owner/Occupiers.

Peter Nimmo

Georgina has excelled in managing her time and activities so that all client groups are serviced whilst avoiding conflicts of interest. This complex responsibility arises because as an onsite manager, she has contractual responsibilities to the Body Corporate to deliver day to day services for maintenance of the property, she is responsible for hands-on enforcement of by-laws, she reports to owners who she represents as letting agent, and she manages tenants on behalf of owners. These complex responsibilities can easily lead to conflicts of interest if not carried out with diligence and sensitivity, and at the same time their success is crucial to maintenance of a harmonious community.

It has been a pleasure over a number of years to observe Georgina mature into a competent and confident onsite manager. She has developed the skills necessary to liaise successfully with the Body Corporate and its Committee, managing expectations and delivering beyond performance indicators. I have observed her performance from positions of Body Corporate Chairperson and also Secretary/Treasurer and I found her easy to work with.

As a resident of the complex managed by Georgina, I can affirm her client focus regarding the welfare and wellbeing of residents, illustrated by the extra care she takes to make all residents feel welcome. If there is a fire alarm in the middle of the night, Georgina is there to greet the fire brigade; if someone needs a tradesman, she can provide a contact who comes recommended. Georgina is generous in making herself available by telephone to residents.

She has managed the letting agency part of her role so as to establish benchmarks for acceptable tenants that result in potentially troublesome tenants being avoided. This leads to harmony and peace for all residents.

Part of the service delivery is value for money. Georgina has consistently over delivered without complaint, as a result of which residents are happy with services and see a return on Body Corporate levy payments.

It’s not an easy job to keep everyone happy, and doubtless there are sometimes niggles, but Georgina has provided residents with a consistently high standard of client service in a demanding environment of often competing interests.

20 NEWSTEAD TERRACE, NEWSTEAD Q 4006 (07) 3852 6928

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